The apartment Nadja of the team “Point Supreme”

Konstantinos Pantazis and Marianna Rentzou worked in various architectural offices across Europe up to take a decision and to start in 2007 their own architectural team. Then the star of Point Supreme timidly emerged in Rotterdam sky. seven years later and it still creatively shines in its territory in Athens.   110040-245037-nadja2

The apartment Nadja Point supreme, has attracted global attention for its innovative architectural design, while some time ago came the distinction-dream architect: the impressive work of Point Supreme, was included in the Wallpaper magazine, the Holy Bible of design.

But what is it that turned a Papagou typical apartment in something so spectacular? To understand the different look of unexpected Point Supreme, we must first make a home visit, for which all the architectural world discusses about.

110040-245044-nadja-5 The apartment Nadja , was once,  two separate apartments. The reallocation of space, imaginative architectural solutions and a total yellow ladder, was everything needed to join the "twins", as they call the apartments, in a bright house of 270 square meters. The two levels are now completely different reality. The first level we meet a huge space interrupted only by bulky furniture. The creators describe them "like islands floating and which casts anchor every time for social activities of the family." Poetic as also essential. In the same logic of the "sea", the usual separation of rooms is lacking, at least in the way we know. The position of the walls, to wit, occupy shelves, tables, cabinets, curtains and internal partitions delimiting the room, but not to prevent visual contact. So kitchen, dining and living room "are looked" between them, creating a flexible environment, perfectly adapted to the needs of the family. 110040-245038-nadja-3 (1)At the second level we meet an earthly version of reality. The bedrooms were designed based on two different types, operating binders. This way, most social spaces come as a continuation of private. On this floor is visible the influence of the architecture of the Greek islands, which becomes more evident in the bathroom or on the arch above the children's bed.

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