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Top 10 sustainable houses of the world!

The cost of a home can be measured in money, but the construction and operation of a house in relation to the environment, can have costs hardly measured. More and more people are looking for ways to minimize both the environmental impact and economic costs, by equipping their homes with sustainable technology, resulting in the […]

Burn! Economically and ecologically

When all "burned" to reduce heating costs, those who have turned to the privileges of biomass enjoy their choice. Biomass is a simple, economical and ecological way of heating which will never disappear. The biomass produced each year on our planet is estimated at 172 billion tons of dry material, while in Greece, the annually […]

The apartment Nadja of the team “Point Supreme”

Konstantinos Pantazis and Marianna Rentzou worked in various architectural offices across Europe up to take a decision and to start in 2007 their own architectural team. Then the star of Point Supreme timidly emerged in Rotterdam sky. seven years later and it still creatively shines in its territory in Athens.   The apartment Nadja Point […]

Solar 3D printer converts waste water into furniture!

"No trash, no plastic, in seas and coasts," said Petros the Pelican. But because we didn’t hear his advice and our oceans are full of plastic waste, a 3D printer came to save the day! Neither a machine God, nor God’s machine. In fact, a machine by Alexander Groves and Azusa Murakami who have vowed […]

Green roofs and “living” walls

The studies and the figures relating to the ecological and economic benefits of our green roofs and "living" walls, multiply rapidly. The green roof reduces the need for air conditioning of the building during the summer months, depending on the individual characteristics, from 50-90%. The temperature at the surface of the roof of a building […]

The most sustainable building in the world is a reality!

The Center for Sustainable Landscapes (Center for Sustainable Landscapes – CSL) at the Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens and  in Pennsylvania Pittsburgh became the first building in the world which took the four higher sustainable building standards. The installation just added the certification «Living Building Challenge» in the list of subdivisions, certification which is considered […]

8 tips for proper insulation

The new data on the insulation market in recent years have created enough opportunities for every consumer who wants to improve his/her  home, especially in terms of relative cost   On the other hand, it has created a series of "traps" that he/her should know to avoid, so that  not become a "victim" of bad […]

The chores of spring: 7 + 1 solutions to reduce costs

8 actions with multiple benefits can take place in this time of year, with the aim to upgrade the eco-energy of our home and the renewal of the environment in which we live. "In the spring, at the end of the day, you should smell dirt," says a famous proverb, mentioning in the best way, […]