After the gray of Winter, comes the beginning of Spring with new and enthusiastic mood preparing our place for the summer. Colors, shapes and materials. Anything you can cheer us up!

We produce

Ηaving great experience, we produce and distribute high-quality Traditional Fireplaces, Traditional BBQ’S, Traditional Ovens, K-FLOOR, Mosaic & Cement Pipes for rainwater absorbation.

Building Products

We have all the aggregates needed for the maintenance and restoration of monuments, antiques etc. such as Lime slurry, Cement, Admixtures Adjuvants, Pore concrete and many more.

Heating energy

We have all kinds of Heating Energy products, whether for heating with wood, pellet, air or water. We work with the most famous companies in the area.

Colors for all spaces

Paint, renovated Change the air in your personal or professional space, with quality paints and the tools that will give you a perfect aesthetic result.


You want to make your garden like you dreamed? Visit our major exhibition and one of the experts, will be near, to guide you.

Wall & Space coverings

In our exhibition, you will find a wide variety of Natural Stones, scabbled and irregularly, to cover spaces in your room, Inside & Outside the House, the Cottage, Your Company.


For any crafts you have in mind, whether professional or amateur, you have a wide range of tools to bring out, the more demanding work. Ask for it!

Combustible Supplies

Winter is the most demanding time of year! Our company has your Fuel Materials, Energy Heating Products, Traditional fireplaces!


We have a reliable network of partners in order to undertake the decoration, Investing, Inserting and Editing in the area you are interested in useful and creative interventions. Always with Consistency & Professionalism.

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